Thursday, November 17, 2011

current projects, if you can help contact me:
- my friend's lawyer friend (at Fortune100 law) has a SPAC client with 80MM-100MM USD (spac is still fundraising), and looking for targets in the travel and leisure space in china .. i.e. a tripadvisor, lvmama, hotel chain, etc. type company. can put you directly in touch with him.

-- my friend is invested in a top 10 b2b portal in china, think alibaba clone, but the mgmt burned through 3MM USD with no results, the traffic is still good, but they are stuck now without extra financing / mgmt team.. maybe you know someone at Global Sources, who would want to buy them out, for the traffic? or someone who wants to compete with Global Sources / Alibaba.

-- my other friend, knows a company who has the rights to build a BRIDGE across the YELLO RIVER in SHANGDONG provdince, the project owner needs a $100MM USD loan... they already have $100MM in financing....... no idea why, but they need to double the cash loan amount. as you know financing is now very very tough to find in china.

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